the friday song – i’m not part of me

apologies for the hiatus, it’s been an absolute crazy time for my family and we are hoping and looking forward to the calm in the near future. i can’t wait to get back to itsmineminemine, it’s been too long.

with that said, i leave you with the best song i have heard in forever…happy friday!

cloud nothings – i’m not part of me



the friday song – age of consent / reaper

built to spill played a secret show. they played a bunch of amazing covers. i was not there. i was not there. did i mention i was not there? at least it’s friday, and these videos make me very happy.

built to spill (blue oyster cult) – don’t fear the reaper

built to spill (new order) – age of consent

mind blown.

the friday song – whip it


i was never a big devo fan, but i’ve always had respect for their originality, style, and creativity. thinking back about their videos, which i always liked (i’m drawn to the bizarre), i would think they were pretty kid friendly. re-watching some of them now, maybe not so much (or at all).

with that said and thinking back, maybe i was more of a devo fan than i thought. r.i.p. bob 2

devo – whip it





my recent lack of posts is in direct relationship to the seahawks winning the superbowl; it’s all i, well the entire city really, can focus on. no, this is not true (actually, it’s definitely true for some). as cool as it was to finally be vindicated for being a seahawks fan for my entire existence, the truth is things have gotten a little crazy around here. my wife and i tend to take on major life events in threes. i’m guessing we think one or maybe two is boring and my hair doesn’t grey and fall out fast enough, so we just go for it…please wish us luck.

a backlog of instagrams from 2013 and the locks of lo (part 2):












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the friday song – turn turn turn…posse up!

Pete Seeger

it’s been a tough week for so many reasons, but let’s focus on what’s really important.  scratch that.  let’s just focus on three things that i just decided to focus on, in order of importance to this blog (despite the fact i will be destroyed for putting the last one last). actually scratch that again. after re-reading what i just wrote, the following are in no particular order…

first, r.i.p. to the absolutely amazing pete seeger. i don’t even know what to say except the music world has lost one of its greats and his music will never be forgotten.

since it’s absolutely impossible to choose only one song of his for this friday’s friday song, i’ve decided on combining one of the other two “focusees” as listed above with this. so in honor of my beautiful wife’s birthday this sunday; one of her favorite pete seeger songs. happy birthday my sweet and happy friday!

pete seeger – turn turn turn (as performed by the byrds live)

lo in his vintage hawks gear

lo hawks

now, in honor of the legion of boom, the 12th man, beast mode, sherman and wilson, and all things blue and green, there will be a second friday song (can you believe it! kidding). this sunday is a huge day for all those who live in the pnw, hawks fans everywhere, but especially for those of us who grew up with seattle sports. happy friday and happy super bowl sunday!

sir mix-a-lot – posse on broadway

part of my vintage hawks collection. been rockin’ the bronco busters shirt all season. had a feeling…


take shelter – chairs

we might have too many chairs in our house due to my problem with buying too many chairs (there, i said it).  maybe it’s not a problem; i mean we have a tiny house (more like a nice cabin in the city) and most of the storage in the basement is filled with vintage chairs that we don’t use, so i guess it’s not that bad…

and if there is one thing i like more than vintage chairs for our house that we don’t need or use, it’s even smaller vintage chairs for lo.  see below for some of my favorites currently listed on etsy.

cool mid century chrome rocker:

nice vintage rattan/bamboo chair:

love this pristine bent-wood school chair:

there are some great vintage, molded plastic chairs:

atomic chrome, so rad:

and my favorite of course, vintage industrial.  lo probably needs 5 more chairs, right?

i’m sure you were wondering, and yes, i changed the title of my design posts from “gimme shelter” to “take shelter”.  this happened right after i laid off my wife (nice way of saying fired) who was supposed to write these posts.  i’m sure she’ll find something soon…

the friday song – recap

Posies pic


so good.  best seattle 90s rock show since these bands played in seattle in the 90s.

sorry about the short clips, but i like to enjoy the show and it’s not my fault you missed it.  happy friday!

the posies – solar sister

pop sickle – revolver

go to its mine blog channel for a couple more from the show

the friday song – dreams do come true!


i’ve been waiting for this day all my life; and even though it’s merely a fraction of my wildest dream, it is finally coming true… for some not-so-huge seattle bands that i loved in the 90s to play one more show.  and i owe it all to the kind folks at neumos for making my dream come true.  thank you, thank you, thank you.

now don’t get me wrong, i like the posies (and you too alcohol funnycar, kinda) and i’m glad to see them again, really.  but truth is, i was a huge pop sickle fan and am blown away that i get to see them live one more time.  did i say thank you to neumos yet?  happy friday to me and everyone else that got tickets before they sold out!

the posies – dream all day (you know i had to play this)

and the one pop sickle video i could find (funny it was posted a couple weeks ago by the guitarist):


the holidays are over.  lo is back in school, i am back at work, ac is back on my back (just checking to see if she really reads this), and apparently this blog did not write itself while i was taking a self declared, much deserved break…

some highlights include: no snow in the mountains for me to snowboard or take the family tubing, going for a run on new years day for the first time in forever (this is how exciting new years eve was), and our power going out on christmas eve 15 minutes before our friends were supposed to come over for a grand feast (sorry, who says “grand feast”).

truth is (well the above is the truth) i had a great holiday season with friends and family and i would not have traded it for anything…except for snow in the mountains, i would of course have traded it for that…

a backlog of instagrams from 2013 and the locks of lo (part 1):














the friday song – christmas in hollis

it was december 24th on hollis ave in the dark
when i seen a man chilling with his dog in the park
i approached very slowly with my heart full of fear
looked at his dog, oh my god, an ill reindeer
but then i was illin because the man had a beard
and a bag full of goodies, 12 o’clock had neared
so i turned my head a second and the man had gone
but he left his driver’s wallet smack dead on the lawn
i picket the wallet up then i took a pause
took out the license and it cold said santa claus
a million dollars in it, cold hundreds of g’s
enough to buy a boat and matching car with ease
but i’d never steal from santa, cause that ain’t right
so i’m going home to mail it back to him that night
but when i got home i bugged, cause under the tree
was a letter from santa and all the dough was for me

happy friday, happy holidays!

run-dmc – christmas in hollis